The Band of Gadjies hail from Edinburgh and play regularly around the Scottish pub and venue circuit, as well as weddings and functions. Versatility is the key to what they offer; they play everything from modern day rock such as Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to older classic rock like Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

The Gadjies also cover classic Jazz standards such as "Fly Me to the Moon" and "Dream a Little Dream" and are even seasoned traditional Irish and Scottish musicians experienced at doing songs by the likes of the Pogues and The Corries. Ceilidh sets and any other covers that they may not know can be easily learned for weddings or functions with prior notice.

The Band of Gadjies are usually a four-piece band featuring a line-up including vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and drums. However that line can be extended for larger ceilidhs to include a fiddle player or it can be reduced for smaller venues to include anything from a duo featuring whistle and vocals to a three piece with a desired extra.

The Gadjies are usually available all year long with advanced booking and will travel abroad for special events.

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