/ˈweɪlɪŋ ˌmɪzəˈrɛəri/


Wailing Miserere is the musical alias of Lucy Hague. Lucy grew up in Orkney, Scotland, where she began writing and recording in 2001; she is currently based in Edinburgh. Her music draws inspiration from a wide range of styles, including folk, jazz and progressive rock. She plays a number of instruments, including piano, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle and bodhrán.

In addition to being the sole singer and songwriter of Wailing Miserere, Lucy plays keys and tin whistle in Jacob's Pillow, the Edinburgh-based folk rock seven-piece, and, together with Kirill Nikolai and Sand Snowman, she's a contributor to long-distance collaborative psychedelic-folk project Still Light, whose recent LP Lything was released on Tonefloat in 2010. Other collaborations include instrumental playing on the forthcoming Ting Jin album, and production duties for spoken-word artist Harry Giles.

The sound of Wailing Miserere is marked by a combination of unusual folk vocal styles (heavily inspired by the legendary Anne Briggs and Cocteau Twin's Elizabeth Fraser) and densely symbolic lyrics, underpinned by shifting time signatures and jazz-influenced instrumental arrangements. Songs are often interconnected by lyrical themes, in ways that are not immediately obvious, and modern interpretations of Irish, Scottish and English folk songs also feature heavily.

In 2008, Lucy was selected to arrange and perform two of her songs with the acclaimed ensemble Music At The Brewhouse at Orkney's midsummer St Magnus Festival, and she performed solo at Ceilidh Culture 2008 in Edinburgh, supporting Incredible String Band founder Mike Heron.

To date, Lucy has mostly played and recorded her music solo, however other musicians have lent their talents to Wailing Miserere, including Tom Pickles (flute) and Paul Reynolds of Ting Jin (mandolin). Ceilidh Culture 2010 saw the first appearance of Wailing Miserere as a full band, comprising of Carrie Mary Thomas (fiddle), William Oke (upright bass) and Dougie Hudson (drums).

In November 2009, work began on a debut EP at B&B Studios in Edinburgh, featuring contributions from Tom Pickles, Paul Reynolds, William Oke, Carrie Mary Thomas, John Burgess (soprano saxophone), Kirill Nikolai (vocals and miscellaneous instruments) and Richard Werner (production and drums).

Keep up to date with upcoming shows and news about the planned EP release by checking this site or the Wailing Miserere Facebook page.

Lucy Hague at the Jazz Bar Lucy Hague at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar

"Over the course of the last few years, my lyrical style has definitely shifted from being quite literal to becoming more stylised and harder for others to understand. I have my own internal set of metaphors and symbols, mainly derived from my dreams... It's largely image based. When I write a song, I'll take a specific experience or situation and see it as a series of symbolic images and then translate it into these heavily stylised, dramatised terms. It's a way of expressing emotion but also a way of distancing myself from it, I think." - DMusic.com interview, February 2007

Lucy Hague at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar Lucy performing at Cabaret Voltaire with Jacob's Pillow